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2019 配方 - Berlin Kino ISO 400 35 mm 黑白電影菲林


德國一間傳奇菲林製造廠於一百年前開始製作出色的黑白電影菲林,讓電影畫面添上一抹獨特又優雅氣氛,成為時至今日也無法被取締的永恆經典。Lomography 今日為你帶來這卷於六十年代放映在柏林電影院銀幕上的經典菲林配方 —— Berlin Kino ISO 400 35 mm 黑白電影菲林 —— 讓你體驗這種獨特又柔和的對比度、恰到好處的顆粒感。

寬容度極高,適合任何時間拍攝的 35 mm 菲林
菲林感光度是 ISO 400(27°C),於晴天或稍低光源的環境下也可拍攝。同時,菲林亦擁有極高的寬容度,讓拍攝及沖洗方法更多元化。因此,就算將菲林谷沖三級至 ISO 3200,照片的光暗部也表現細膩,每個細節也得以保留!加上猶如經典電影畫面的對比度及粗幼得宜的顆粒感,讓你使用最愛的 35 mm 格式菲林相機已可獲得充滿電影感的成像!

菲林可以任何標準黑白負沖方式沖洗,若你將自己沖洗,請按此參考沖洗表,而示範可按此。此菲林的最佳存放溫度為 20°C。為令菲林保持在最佳的狀態,我們建議把菲林存放在低於 10°C 的雪櫃中。

  • Kodak D-76
    使用 Kodak D-76 或類似的沖洗藥水將達到標準的柔和顆粒及對比度,並不需其他特別沖洗技巧。
  • Kodak HC-110
    需要將菲林谷沖至最高級時,我們建議使用 Kodak HC-110 或類似的沖洗藥水,讓暗部細節更突出同時擁有適當顆粒感。
  • Ilford Ilfosol-3
    若你追求最佳的銳利度及保真度,使用 Ilford Ilfosol-3 可讓你獲得平滑及極佳的銳利度,同時亦於暗部有著良好的對比度,適合將照片放大及打印。
  • 負片正沖
    若你希望挑戰不同的沖洗方法,將暗部圖像(Dmax)表現得最好,讓掃瞄時更細緻,我們建議你使用 Rollei 的黑白負片正沖套裝沖洗菲林。


ISO 感光度400
DX codeattribute_value_否

Berlin Kino B&W 35 mm ISO 400 2019 Edition 

Capture life’s most elusive moments in everlasting monochrome charm with the 2019 emulsion of our iconic black and white cine film.

A Refined Formula for True Film Lovers
Inspired by the New German Cinema sweeping through Berlin in the 1960s, our original Berlin Kino Film emulsion was an utter blockbuster. However, as German cinema evolved through time, adapting to meet the innovatory spirit of its founding fathers, so did our film formula. Refined and brimming with greater artistic control, the Berlin Kino B&W 400 2019 Formula will allow you to capture moments of your life in an eternalized enchanting monochrome.

A Film to Expand the Possibilities of Monochrome
Unique in its high dynamic range and ability to produce distinct yet equally stunning results with different filters and development processes, this panchromatic emulsion is a blank canvas for your creativity. The sensitivity of this film is ISO 400 (27°C). However, due to its impressive latitude, you can push the ISO up to 800, 1600 or 3200 while retaining an impressive tonal range and detail. Capture the gritty beauty of the streets in motion, or sweep into the studio for effortlessly elegant editorial images filled with soft focus and subtle contrast.

Developing Your Creations
This emulsion can be developed both in the lab or at home with the standard black and white process. For home development please consult our development chart below. The standard storage temperature of this film is 20°C, but for long term storage we recommend keeping this film below 10°C. Exposing the film to temperatures above 20°C for long periods of time impacts its performance.

  • Kodak D-76
    For standard / general applications we recommend using a developer such as Kodak D-76. This produces images with moderate grain size and great contrast for gorgeous results, without the need for any further manipulation.
  • Kodak HC-110
    When the highest degree of flexibility is required, we recommend using a developer such as Kodak HC-110. This renders images with full shadow detail, moderate grain and a wide dynamic latitude, retaining all the detail you need for your photographic project.
  • Ilford Ilfosol-3
    If you are prioritizing sharpness or high optical fidelity, we recommend using Ilford Ilfosol-3. This produces fine grain and excellent sharpness perfect for printing and enlarging applications, while also rendering good contrast and shadow detail.
  • Reversal
    If you are looking for a unique development process, maximum blackness (Dmax) and improved scanning abilities, we invite you to try the reversal process and turn your negatives into positives. We recommend using the Rollei Black & White Reversal Kit for this process.

From useful shooting tips to darkroom and post-processing advice, we’ve created a brand new 2019 edition Berlin Kino Cookbook to help you shoot monochrome masterpieces. Take a quick look at our handy development chart!

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Film TypeB&W
DX codeNo
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