Lomography Black & White Potsdam 100 35mm Kino Film

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Potsdam Kino ISO 100 35 mm 黑白電影菲林

專為愛好極致柔滑畫面的用家而設,德國傳奇菲林廠製造的 Potsdam Kino 黑白電影菲林呈現優雅又復古的氣氛。

Lomography 這次帶來由德國百年菲林廠製造的更細緻配方 —— Potsdam Kino ISO 100 35 mm 黑白電影菲林!它的對比度稍強,而顆粒則較細膩。Potsdam Kino 黑白電影菲林專為愛好極致柔滑畫面的用家而設,呈現優雅又復古的氣氛。

陽光下的最佳黑白菲林 體驗更精彩暗部表現
一如 Berlin Kino 黑白電影菲林,Potsdam Kino ISO 100 35 mm 黑白電影菲林多變且寬容度高,配合不同濾鏡拍攝及不同沖洗方法,效果不同但亦一樣出色!Potsdam Kino 黑白電影菲林的 ISO 100 感光度適合於陽光下拍攝,加上更幼細的顆粒、更高的對比度及極佳的暗部表現,讓成像更有層次,是晴天拍攝的完美選擇。新的一年,就以 Potsdam Kino 黑白電影菲林進入新浪潮的氛圍中,60 年代於柏林戲院大銀幕上放映的畫面由你拍攝!

菲林可以任何標準黑白負沖方式沖洗,若你將自己沖洗,Lomography B&W Potsdam Kino 沖洗示範可按此。此菲林的最佳存放溫度為 20°C。為令菲林保持在最佳的狀態,我們建議把菲林存放在低於 10°C 的雪櫃中。


ISO 感光度100
DX codeattribute_value_否

Potsdam Kino B&W 35 mm ISO 100 

Freeze life's most meaningful moments in gorgeous greyscale with this powerful and poetic cine film.

A Legendary Roll of German Cine Film Reborn
Inspired by the New German Cinema sweeping through Europe in the 1960s, Lomography’s Kino Films are extracted from rolls of cine film produced by a legendary German company that has been changing the face of cinema since the early 1900s. Originally used to make moody monochrome movies, their gorgeous black and white tones lend a timeless effect to cinematic scenes.

Classic Analogue Aesthetics For Gorgeous Greyscale Pictures
Just like its bigger brother Berlin, the Lomography B&W Potsdam Kino Film casts an unmistakable monochrome charm on 35 mm format. With a medium speed of ISO 100, it’s perfect for sunny day and scenes where attention to detail is desired. With a classic fine grain structure and subtle contrast, this powerful and poetic film is a truly outstanding emulsion.

The Darkroom Delight
With a wide dynamic latitude, this triacetate-based film makes darkroom development a breeze.
Tune your desired image style with different development techniques and bring your compositions to life with the quality they deserve. New to the wonderful world of self-development? No worries, we’ve created the Lomography B&W Potsdam Kino Cookbook article with everything you need to craft gorgeous greyscale frames.

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Film TypeB&W
DX codeNo
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