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 for Leica M9, M9P, ME, and MM (Silver)

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Thumbs Up  EP-1S
Thumbs Up EP-1S, EP-10S and CSEP-1S have the shortest thumb rest: 15 mm shorter than EP-3S. It is ideal for photographers with large hands and a wide grasp. For those using heavy lenses such as the Noctilux, EP-1S offers additional leverage, support, and stability compared with EP-3S.
The curved end of the EP-1S and EP-10S grip aligns with the shutter release button, and closely duplicates the support position offered by the film advance lever on film Leica M cameras. So, if you're used to steadying your camera with the film advance lever, Thumbs Up EP-1S, EP-10S or CSEP-1S will feel like an old friend!
However, you may find a narrower grasp more comfortable, with your thumb placed past the shutter release button, closer to the right side of the camera: Thumbs Up EP-3S was designed for you.
If you're unsure whether EP-1S, EP-10S or EP-3S or CSEP-1S will suit you best, have a play with a film camera with an advance lever. Better, a local dealermay stock Thumbs Up for you to try.

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