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Hasselblad PME 45 Viewfinder for 500CM 501CM 503CW


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Hasselblad PME45 Overview

The Hasselblad PME45 Prism Viewfinder is an advanced 45° metered prism viewfinder featuring three different metering methods, a choice of aperture or shutter priority, and many other pre-setting possibilities.

The PME45 Prism Viewfinder fits all Hasselblad 500 and 200 Series cameras
In addition to both ISO and maximum lens aperture controls (which must be set), it is also possible to program a permanent exposure correction of +/- 2 stops into the prism
The metering method (which is activated by a button on the side of the prism) can be changed between TTL spot metering, center-weighted TTL metering and incident metering using a dome sensor located on the top of the prism
Inasmuch as the dome sensor is not metering through the lens, the resulting values must be transferred to the camera
A Reference Value allows you to program specific limits into the metering system and gives a visible or audible warning if the metered value exceeds more than the chosen EV value
The 2.5x enlarged unreversed image covers the entire focusing screen including the viewfinder's built-in LCD
The viewfinder display will give full information including low-battery warning and will remain on for 16 seconds unless manually re-programmed
The large eyepiece, especially suited for users with glasses, can be adjusted from -2 to +1 diopters
The PME45 viewfinder is powered by a 3V lithium-type CR2 battery (not included)
Differences Between PME45 and PME90 Prisms
The PME45 uses a CR2 3V lithium battery: The PME90 uses a CR123 3V lithium battery.
The PME45 has a diopter correction of -2 to +1: The PME90 has a diopter correction of -2 to +0.5
The PME45 does not have an illumination window for the viewfinder display: The PME90 does
The magnification of the PME45 is 2.5x: The magnification of the PME90 is 2x
The PME45 CAN be used with a Polaroid film back: The PME90 CANNOT.

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