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Arca Swiss ARCA-Cube-C1"FlipLock"

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When the manufacturer of the finest ball heads and view cameras of the finest, mechanical grade, designs a gearhead, the result is a 3-axis head like the Cube!
Not only because of its construction, but also because of its iconic design, it has been the benchmark ever since.
The Arca-Swiss Cube is without question the most advanced and precise tripod head on the market. Why is this so much more important today than it used to be?
Whereas in the past the photographer had at least a 12cm wide film, today he has a sensor that is much smaller, i.e. you have to be able to work much more precisely.
In order to be able to work efficiently with the horizontal and vertical lines that are important in both architectural and still life photography, it is essential to be able to pan the camera in the mm range.
Without exception, every photographer to whom I lent the Cube bought it immediately or wants to own it as soon as possible.
Which brings us to the next topic: The Cube's individual parts spend an entire day on milling machines operated by technicians who used to make the very finest mechanical watches in the Jura (Switzerland).
The C1 Cube is perfect for landscape, still life and architectural photography, as it allows the photographer to adjust even heavy cameras with absolute accuracy.
The Cube has two panoramic axes: the lower one at the base and the upper one for horizontal panning, e.g. for accurate panoramic shots.
The fine gear mechanism allows fine adjustment of the X and Y axes. The two adjustment wheels are easy and smooth to operate due to the self-locking gear mechanism.

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