Lomography Lomochrome Purple CN 35mm.XR 100-400

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LomoChrome Purple 35 mm ISO 100-400 紫色負片

LomoChrome Purple 35mm 紫色負片隆重回歸,而且比舊版更出色。立即擁有 5 卷裝,把這個古怪的城市轉化為夢幻仙境。

Lomography 專業化學工程團隊悉心打造全新 2019 LomoChrome Purple 紫色負片!獨家菲林配方為你營造更罕有紫調,配合更幼細顆粒,帶來更迷幻照片!最好的感光物料配合完美比例成就了全新 2019 LomoChrome Purple 紫色負片!你的照片將擁有暗紅、活潑又柔滑的紫調。猶如李子及紫羅蘭花。



探索迷幻的色譜 — 無需 E 沖 C 也可以把藍色變成綠色,黃色變成紫與粉紅色!


重新調配的紫色負片可在不同的感光度 ISO 100-400 下,展現濃郁的紫調。 ISO 100 下可得到柔和的紫色而 ISO 400 下則可得到亮麗的紫藍色。


使用 ISO 400 的感光度,你可在任何光線環境拍攝。


全新 LomoChrome Purple 紫色負片使用標準 C-41 沖曬。


此菲林的最佳存放溫度為 20°C。為令菲林保持在最佳的狀態,我們建議把菲林存放在低於 10°C 的雪櫃中。請不要把菲林長期放在 30°C 以上的環境。


  • 菲林類型:彩色負片
  • 沖曬: C-41
  • 感光度: ISO 100 (21°) 至 ISO 400 (27°)
  • 格式: 120
  • 存放:建議把菲林存放在雪櫃中 (10°C/50°F 以下)


菲林類型Color Negative Film
ISO 感光度100-400
DX codeattribute_value_否

Lomochrome Purple 35 mm ISO 100-400 5 rolls

The latest LomoChrome Purple 35 mm film is our best batch yet! Pick up this bundle pack of five and turn this beautiful, bizarre and bewildering world into a wonderland.

Carefully crafted by our color contortionist chemical engineers, the 2019 LomoChrome Purple film was fermented in a top secret location and allowed to, mature to perfection. A delicate balance of the finest photon reactive silver halide crystals and special color compounds, this trippy emulsion yields spectacular psychedelic scenes. . Use it to craft a heady blend of earthy reds, crisp plums and velvety violet notes.
2019 LomoChrome Purple film is available in 35 mm, 120 and 110 formats. We've even loaded our Simple Use Film Cameras with it, too! Pick your preloaded point-and-shoot today and get to capturing those hallucinogenic hues right away!


Better-Than-Ever Formula
This top secret 2019 formula has increased sensitivity to red hues, improved exposure at the recommended setting of ISO 400, and less grain than its predecessor.

Surprising Hues
LomoChrome Purple film lets you explore the color spectrum like never before – Blue becomes green, green becomes purple and yellow becomes pink! Red tones stay red though, which keeps skin tones looking natural in a sea of trippy hues.

Stand-Out Shots
Aside from its remarkable color quality, LomoChrome Purple film delivers vibrant photos with superb sharpness – and now with even finer grain than ever before! This film also allows you to shoot in any weather condition and achieves breathtaking effects without using any special filters.

Color Shift
Control the color changes in your photos by selecting different ISO settings. Green tones will become a shiny purple when you use an ISO 100 setting, but with an ISO 400 setting, greens will shift into a darker indigo. Explore unlimited color creativity!

Film Sensitivity
The sensitivity of the film is ISO 400 (27°), yet its high flexibility in terms of light sensitivity also allows you to set your camera to ISO 200 (24°) and ISO 100 (21°). This gives you more options for experimentation in different lighting conditions.

Standard Development
LomoChrome Purple film should be developed with the standard C-41 process.

Storage Information
The storage temperature for this film is 20 °C. To extend the life of the film, we recommend storing it in the fridge, under 10 °C. Don’t expose the film to temperatures above 30 °C for long periods.

Technical Specifications

  • Film Type: Color Negative
  • Development: C-41
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 (21°) to ISO 400 (27°)
  • Format: 35 mm
  • Storage: We recommended you store the film in a fridge (under 10 °C/50 °F)

Additional Information

Film FormatNo
Film TypeColor Negative Film
DX codeNo
Pack Size5

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