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Money Maker - Luxury Leather Multi Camera Strap


The Money Maker means business. High grade leather, anchored metal d-rings, safety straps that connect to the side lug mount-completely bypassing the clip and screw for ultimate security and impeccably versatile design make this an essential tool for the modern photographer. Secure your cameras and important gear where it’s most accessible and comfortable—right on you. 

Quick on the draw? So is the Money Maker. The ingenious slider system allows you to easily slide your camera up and down the leather harness. And for those days you need to pack extra heat, simply attach 2 Hold Fast Camera Leashes to carry a third camera. 

For even more function and versatility, pair the Money Maker with the Photo BeltCamera LeashesLuggage Tag Wallet, and Indispensable Wallet

The Money Maker is built to last a lifetime and on all day shoots in any location—a movie set, wedding, urban jungle, or the wild wild west. 

Ready. Aim. Get down to business. 

Each MoneyMaker comes with 2 Camera HoldFasts

The Hand Tooled MoneyMakers are truly works of art. They are exact same as the already legendary MoneyMaker, just turned into a functional art piece. Each of these hand crafted MoneyMakers are tooled then painted by a local Oklahoma biker using throw back techniques and tools to revive the dying art of leather craft. This process takes about 8 hours to complete just one strap, and since each piece is by hand this ensures you'll receive a one of a kind high grade tool for your trade.   


Ready. Aim. Get down to business.

Each MoneyMaker comes with EVERYTHING you need to shoot with two cameras including 2 Camera HoldFasts

If you shoot with your long hair down we recommend making a custom order without the D rings, email us for more info.

The Water Buffalo versions are very beautiful in use, keep in mind that this finish has the potential to color bleed if saturated and worn on light clothing. 


We are currently experiencing a LARGE volume of orders which is creating a delay in shipping. Take this into consideration when making an order. IF you need something fast please email to check on availability first. Thank you for your patience!




  • Small = Height of 5'7" (170 cm) and below
  • Medium = Height of 5'8"-6'2" (173 - 188 cm)
  • Large = Height of 6'3" (191 cm) and above OR wear extra large Clothes

If you are taller than 6'2" (188 cm) or wear Extra large sized clothes then order the Large for optimum fit.

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