Shatter-proof tempered glass screen guard for Leica M240 (Screen protector)

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Shatter-Proof Tempered Glass Screen Guard

Screen Guards are made with a special, impact-absorbing tempered glass to protect Leica camera monitor screens from damage, such as scratches and cracks.

Product Features 

- Clear window display, high touch sensitivity, and smooth and comfortable to the touch.

- Oleophobic and anti-fingerprint coating to resist smudges and fingerprints.

- Chemically treated tempered glass that is slim and not bulky.

- Thickness: 0.3mm.

- Surface Hardness: 9H.

- Anti-Shatter Film.

- Advanced Silicon Adhesion Film.

Installation Guide

1) Prior to application, wash hands thoroughly to remove any dirt or oil. Use the enclosed wet dry wipe and Microfibre cloth to clean the LCD screen.

2) Use the dust removal sticker to remove any dust on the screen.

3)Peel off the protection layer and carefully align the tempered glass protector from the top left corner to the bottom left corner of the LCD screen until it is perfectly unless it is well placed.

Be patient! Our product is designed to be a perfect fit!  Repeat the process carefully until it is perfect.

4)Lightly press the center of the Center of the tempered glass protector as the adhesive to the LCD screen.  Use the cleaning cloth or fingers to remove any visible bubbles from the screen.

Note: Only a light amount of pressure is necessary for the product to stick, as the protector's adhesive properties allow it to easily stick to the screen. Excessive force may damage the product.

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